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Don’s Tesla powered Cobra

Here is a quick look at an awesome Tesla powered Cobra that recently hit the streets in California.

This car features a custom chassis built by the owner, and a Tesla P85 drive unit controlled by our T1-C controller.

The front suspension is Mustang 2, chassis and rear IRS arms fabricated by Don and Dustin at AG Sand Cars.

Rear tires 335/30 ZR 18. Front tires 275/35 ZR 18. Axles feature Porsche 930 CV joints race prepped in and out from mirage racing products.

Will wood front and rear disc brakes. Manzanita Micro Charger FC 50 charger.

Don is currently using Enerdel batteries and the car weighs only 1840 lbs.

Here are some videos of the car in action;






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