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Control Tesla Drive Units

EV Controls T-2C allows you to easily control a Tesla drive unit for use in a conversion.

Quick Install and Set up

Does not require disassembly of the drive unit or removal of inverter logic board.

Excellent Reliability

Retains protection strategies against overheating and other damaging conditions.

Supported Drive Units

Compatible with drive units from most Tesla models, including Model S / X and 3 / Y.

Re-flash Firmware

The T-2C Controller will re-flash the inverter firmware if required.

No Wiring Required

The dash app runs on an iPad and connects to T-2C Controller over bluetooth.





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We have support for all large drive units from the Model S and X.

We have support for the small rear drive units from Model S and X 70/75/85/90/100D for use in a single motor application.

We have support for the dual motor P85/90/100D powertrains for use in a dual motor application.

We have support for the Model 3 rear drive unit.

Yes, but you will need two controllers, and you would need to wire them both to one throttle pedal.

Many people ask this question, thinking it will outperform a dual motor powertrain using the large rear and small front drive unit from a performance Model S or X. In our experience, two large drive units will perform considerably worse than the small front/large rear combination due to the extra weight, short gearing/excess torque, and lack of a proper torque split strategy that the slave/master logic provides. This is all assuming you are using an AWD layout with one motor in the front and one in the rear. Obviously it works very well for something like a land speed car.

No, front drive units are slaves, and do not have the wiring for an accelerator pedal or brake switch, or the logic board needed for a 2WD application. They can only be used in dual motor applications.

Maybe, but this is a question for whoever makes the display you want to use. The data most people want to display is available on the CAN bus, but it would be up to whoever makes the gauges or display you want to use to parse and decode it, so you should contact them about this.

  • Our free dash app displays everything necessary and includes logging and other functions that make it an excellent dashboard for almost all cases. See this video for info on the features and how to make it power on and off with the ignition using an automation. An iPad mini makes a great easy to read dash display that will fit in almost anything, and this is what we generally use in our test cars.

With the purchase of a T2C, we will supply a  .dbc file with the information required to decode the following parameters from the CAN bus;   Inverter temperatures, Power in kW, current, HV, Motor RPM, current gear (D, N, R).  It will be up to you and/or the aftermarket display manufacturer to parse and convert the raw CAN data for your own use.  The T2C will not drive any aftermarket displays directly besides our dash app.

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