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February 1st 2021 Chris Tapp

New this year, the T2C provides complete Bluetooth Tesla drive unit control .

A fully integrated control system that takes the guesswork out of the popular Tesla drive unit adaptation.
Can be used for both single and dual motor installations

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February 2021

Instant access to important operating parameters

Join host Andrei Nedeleaat InsideEV's as he goes for a ride in this 1969 VW Double cab. Equipped with a 100Kw tesla battery pack it is capable of a 400km range and can hit 100k in 5 seconds!

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July 17th 2020 Chris Tapp

A walkaround of the EV Control's All Wheel Drive 800 HP 818 development platform. In this video Chris Tapp provides details on the evolution of his lab on wheels.

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New for 2020 a standalone controller for the Tesla drive unit that allows you to install the Tesla powertrain in the chassis of your choice.
The T2-C allows Bluetooth or push-button control over the drive modes (Drive, Neutral, Reverse), and displays the important information coming back from the inverter via Bluetooth on any Apple IOS device using the EV Controls developed control app available free of charge at the App store.

The iPad or iPhone interface allows easy control and adjustment of  overall power and regenerative braking limits.

The T2-C controller also has 12 built in outputs to control the brake lights under regen and braking conditions,  reverse lights, pre charge and contactor outputs, cooling fan and other outputs depending on the application greatly simplifying the realization of your E-Car project.

Get full product information by clicking the product below. Or view this video of the product in action.


Dual motor Tesla powered 818 runs 9.3 quarter mile!

We now offer dual motor support for the P85/90/100D powertrains. In the winter of 2018 we installed a dual motor powertrain in our 818 test car. We ran a 9.5 second quarter mile in the spring of 2018 and then this summer we went back to the track and ran a 9.3 second quarter mile […]

Don’s Tesla powered Cobra

Here is a quick look at an awesome Tesla powered Cobra that recently hit the streets in California. This car features a custom chassis built by the owner, and a Tesla P85 drive unit controlled by our T1-C controller. The front suspension is Mustang 2, chassis and rear IRS arms fabricated by Don and Dustin at […]

A look at the Tesla powered EV-Controls 818

Many people have been asking for more details on our 818 development car, so this post will give you a quick look at what went in to building it. In February 0f 2016 we took delivery of our 818C kit from Factory Five. we had already been working on gaining control of the Tesla drive […]

EV-Controls 818 runs a 9 second quarter mile!

We went back to the track this past Saturday with the Tesla powered 818 and ran a 9.86@ 129 mph. We drove the car 35 km to the track and then made the 9 second run on our first attempt. See the videos and time slip below. We are using a modified version of the […]

Tesla powered Cobra race car makes a successful debut

Doug Yip and EPowerRacing of Vancouver BC got their beautifully built Tesla powered race car to the track twice in the last month or so, and reports both outings went very well. First time out he qualified 5th in a 27 car grid, and this was with conservative power settings. He is using our T-1 […]

EVControls T-1 and T-1C now available

After several thousand miles of on road testing, combined with track and dyno testing, we are now ready to offer the controller we have developed for the Tesla drive unit for sale. See the product pages for details on the two models we are offering. Our test vehicle (FF 818, which has been in daily […]

EV Controls 818 runs 10.1 second quarter mile.

On October 2 2016, we took our Tesla powered 818 to the local quarter mile track for some testing. This car is our test vehicle for the controller we are developing that is now available. The car has a stock Tesla P85 drive unit and two Chevy Volt battery packs installed. We managed an impressive […]

Tesla powered 818 breaks into the 10’s

We went back to the track to test our 818 against a P85D, this time with drag radials. The car had a Tesla S-85 drive unit installed, and two chevy volt battery packs. We managed to break into the 10’s this time out, check out the video below. This car is equipped with the controller […]


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